Friday, November 30, 2007

striped buttons

i have a running wholesale order with the craft council shop at devon house in st. john's. twice a year they place a big order (for summer and christmas) and i'm always working at it - a continuous flow of work (painted objects, sewing, knitting, hooking) being made and going to their shop. this way i'm never overwhelmed with work and they're never overwhelmed with product. so this week i'm finishing off the christmas order - some small mats, more booties and some chenille baby clothes. i've always sewn, but, like all the work i do, my favourite part is designing and chosing the materials (in this case vintage chenille, cotton lining and buttons). recently barb gave me a big bag of buttons (she has an extensive button collection). amongst them were these wonderful fabric covered buttons - a perfect accent for these overalls.

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