Monday, November 26, 2007

neo craft conference

i returned from halifax this morning around 2:00. a great weekend at the neo craft conference. it was an academic conference on the state of craft in today's world. at times i felt the air sucked out of me from parasitical academic blather but mostly the talks were large thoughts coming from strong feelings or expereince. it's what i'd hoped it would be.

i went with my friend barb hunt who is an artist/academic with a soft foot in the craft world (amoung other things she knits pink anti-personal landmines). we were a good balance and had a wonderful girlie weekend. luxury in the waverly inn - not expensive but very special in it's details, and close to the conference. in our spare time we hit the yarn shops to pull in a good supply for winter.

of course ate wonderful food - japanese, thai, greek.

saturday morning we walked to the halifax farmer's market we don't have a market in corner brook and it's something i always miss (i lived near kensington market in my last years in toronto before moving to newfoundland). we sampled food and chatted with local craftspeople (it was a wonderful antidote to all the words at the conference). here's rona schwartz of granny's garden with her imaginative hand knit baby hats. we visited galleries and chatted with old friends and made new ones. i'm planning a research trip to scotland next year and was delighted that there were so many delegates from scotland giving talks about the state of craft there. i feel very full now. ready to stay home and think and work.

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