Monday, November 5, 2007

the cows ok but the chickens blew away

(that's a quote i love from a jamaican farmer after hurricane george). it was quite a storm. no rain but unbelievable winds. power outages and uprooted trees. the leaves on the trees mostly now on the ground (raking will have to wait till i get back!).

the craft fair was very successful. my prices are slightly higher than last year , so each sale seemed to make a difference in the total. mailboxes (my most expensive item) and wooden ornament/magnets (my least expensive item) were the big sellers, and i'm sorry i don't have more of either to take in to st. john's.

today i have to sort and reduce what i take in - product, booth, clothing etc (for 2 weeks), abigail - to make it fit into a small jeep. i'm staying an extra week to help my daughter and her family settle into their new home (they made the move on saturday). i have a few commissions that i can work on while i'm there, but after the fair i'll mostly be making curtains, cooking dinners and playing with the grandchildren. a good break. i get back on the 18th. i'll miss my blog and all of you who check in regularly. take care.

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