Saturday, December 1, 2007

skipper's hangin' in

the day before we left for the craft fair in st. john's skipper had a stroke. he's very old and very feeble. his back legs are very stiff and he wears rubber soled booties in the house to help with mobility on the hardwood floors. with his stroke he lost the use of his right front leg- it just dangled as he hobbled. we took him to the vet and debated about putting him down. but his will was still there. so rhonda gave him a steroid injection and evelyn (who runs the spca and deals with ailing animals alot) said bring him over and she'd care for him. we went in to st. john's and keith came back after only 1 day to be with skipper in case he got worse.that was 3 weeks ago. he recovered the use of his leg. and he still has a good appetite and comes to the kitchen for a treat. he sniffs around the garden when we put him out. he's hangin' in...

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