Tuesday, November 27, 2007

home to stay

sunday night, after a bumpy plane ride from halifax,we arrived in deer lake just after midnight. it was snowing and blowing heavily. keith had planned on picking us up but, without snowtires (we always wait till it's essential because we have studded tires) he got only as far as steady brook and turned back. he drove to star taxi and arranged to have us picked up in a safer vehicle. sooo... at 1:00 in the morning barb and i huddled in the back of a dark taxi and slowly battled our way the 45 km. home.
i hate winter travel. i'm a nervous traveller as it is - cars, trains, speed boats - i don't like going faster than i can walk. so my nerves are always on edge in the winter if i have to go anywhere. fortunately my next rip isn't until february so i'm home now and i can burrow in.

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