Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the norm

today i'm feeling myself. it's been a hectic fall - much travel, much much work. today i'm feeling settled. i spent yesterday filling out forms (i got some government support to attend the craft fair in st. john's and the conference in halifax) so it was a day of gathering receipts and making final reports. today i'm getting back to finishing some orders, some commissions i received at the craft fairs and planning a few gifts to make. i'm brim full of new ideas. i picked up wonderful yarn in halifax and st. john's and it's still lined up on my ironing board - can't bare to put it where it belongs.
last night keith's parents came to dinner. florence does some of my knitting and last night don got into the act by helping keith untangle some of my new yarn. in newfoundland, as in ireland, the men were knitters too, so i think keith and don were happily tapping into their roots!

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