Thursday, November 1, 2007

things change

yesterday morning we woke to the first light sprinkling of snow. i've been too busy to ready the garden for winter (put away all the lawn furniture, empty the flower pots, bind the bushes with burlap). winter is the one season i don't anticipate with pleasure. it's hard work. i live in a "winter wonderland" - lots of snow well into april, downhill and crosscountry ski facilities within a 10 minute drive, snowmobile trails that lead you far into the hills with vast vistas of mountains and ocean. aside from a little cross country skiing (which i confess i do enjoy once i'm out), i find i really just want to hole up in my house - the fire, my work, a book, the tv... until the cold weather passes. this is one change i don't embrace.
yesterday i sent off work to couple of galleries - mats to the moorings gallery in nova scotia for the "7 fibreticians" show that opens nov. 17th, and more work for fog forest gallery (my work sold well in the sept. show so they need more for christmas sales). today we set up for the corner brook craft fair that starts tomorrow..

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Robyn said...

You have been working like mad! It is impressive. But I am so sad because I will miss the Newfoundland winter. I love it. The cold, the snow, the minimal colours, I love it! And it is a good excuse to sit and knit...