Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what i'd like to move from st. john's to corner brook

there's alot i love about about this little town of corner brook, newfoundland but there's alot i'd like to take from st. john's and move here:

1. georgestown bakery. every day i walked my grandson to school and then walked on to the georgestown bakery to pick up bread for the family. baguette, bagels, some lovely dark rye. some days olive bread. corner brook has no bakery like this. to get wholesome and tasty bread, i make my own.

coffee matters. on the way back to the house with my warm bread, i'd stop in at the new cafe a block from my daughter's home and pick up a double shot cappuccino to go. after 10 years without a cafe in corner brook we now have one. it's a wonderful addition to the town, but coffee matters is spectacular - a wonderful choice of coffees and other drinks, elegant seating. just the place you'd love to spend a sunday morning in with a coffee and the gobe and mail.

wooltrends. i can buy yarn online but there's nothing like walking into a yarn store and being able to see and feel and smell the yarn. wooltrends is a wonderful yarn shop in an old house in downtown st. john's. they've just expanded to the upstairs livingroom where they offer knitting gatherings. i'd love to have something like that in corner brook. we used to have a wool shop in corner brook. now we have walmart.

the battery. i love this area of st. john's - a higgeldy-piggeldy hodgepodge of colourful houses perched on cliffs and overlooking the narrows of the st. john's harbour. my friend isabella lives in the battery and runs her "blue moon pottery" from here. she's been there since the 1970's - before running water and sewers... it still has such a feeling of "another time".

the family. it's hard being so far away from them. seeing the little ones only every few months. not being there when they need my help. when i need theirs. so many families in newfoundland have it worse. so many young people raising their families in alberta and ontario.


nadinebc said...

Walmart just eats everything up doesn't it.

Camille said...

That last picture is interesting. I got a kick out of the Tropicana carton which is half french and half english. Here in the states, it's half english and half spanish!

I know how you feel about being far from family. I miss my Aunt in Spokane (WA) every single day.