Monday, November 19, 2007

catch up

i got home last night after almost 2 weeks away and it is wonderful to be home. today is catch up day. unpacking and sorting. responding to personal and business letters. putting my house in order. giving my dogs alot of attention.
the st. john's craft fair went well. in corner brook my painted work was the big seller, in st. john's the baby knitwear and chenille clothes. because of this, i had enough product for both places. sales were up for me again from the last time i did st. john's and i was able to leave behind some of my work to complete an order at the devon house gift shop. so all the work paid off and i have money to get me through the next few months. this is how it is...
last week i stayed in st. john's and became mum and nana. my daughter and family have just moved into their new house and are in the throws of renovation. the house is old and full of character and will eventually be the house of their dreams for the family. i looked after the grand children. cooked and cleaned and did dishes. sewed curtains. in the evenings i worked on some commissioned projects. time is different when you're around young children. everything is frantic and fractured but at the same time s-l-o-w. i miss them terribly when i can't touch them but i'm happy to be back to my own time.

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Robyn said...

So nice to have you back! I missed your daily thoughts. And glad to hear the fairs went well after all your efforts.

Welcome home!