Wednesday, November 21, 2007


yesterday morning we woke to heavy frost. everything hoary and crisp. abigail was startled by the feel and sound when i put her out (she reacts to strange footing by going on her tiptoes like a plump little ballerina).while i was away, winter came. all the leaves are gone. the remaining flowers - phlox and asters and late roses- mummified by frost. corner brook got snow that lasted for days. keith (thank-you, thank-you) raked the yard , emptied the remaining flower pots, stored the garden furniture and bound the bushes (because of the amount of snow we get here, the weight would break the bushes if we didn't bind them). putting the garden to bed.

tomorrow i leave for halifax to attend the neocraft conference. it will be interesting to hear what the academics have to say about what i do... i'll be home late sunday.

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