Thursday, March 24, 2011


yesterday, just before heading out to teach, i learned that liz taylor had died. when i got to class i mentioned this to my students. one had heard of her, the others didn't know who she was. that made me sad. but it's totally understandable since she stopped acting before they were born. this is how history fades.
growing up, i felt that liz taylor was a member of our family. she always reminded me of my mother. they were beautiful and glamorous in the same way. the same captivating eyes. my mother was a few years older. both were born in britain and came to north america as young girls. they shared a self-destructive appetite for life and suffered poor health because of their appetities. both died of congestive heart failure. so yesterday and today i'm feeling a personal loss.

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Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Sorry you are feeling this way...Elizabeth Taylor was one of my idols, as well...