Sunday, March 13, 2011

it's about time

yesterday i finished off my banff order. this order was for only earth tones - 18 skeins of green, brown and gold. by the end of it i was dying to add a little turquoise, a little scarlet. the weather had turned incredibly mild (9 degrees celcius) and i was able to dry the skeins outside on the line for the first time this year.last night we put the clocks forward an hour and beginning today the light will last longer into the evenings. and i get to re-introduce all the colours i want for my next order that i'll begin today.


Jill Dian said...

Such wonderful colours in your wools.

You must be so looking forward to warmer weather...that snow made me shiver just looking at it!

island sweet said...

oh yes jill. i envy you your early british spring!

kim thistle said...

I LOVE that photo!