Sunday, March 6, 2011

dreaming in cuban

i'm really just now starting to plan for my trip to cuba (mid-april). this trip is intended to be a holiday. i'm going to havana with a good friend (who is also an artist). but the idea is to relax. not to work or think about the future. just be there to soak it in. we'll take day trips outside of havana but mostly we'll wander the city. so i'm looking for advice. what to see in and around havana. and what books to take. (i'm thinking cuban authors but anything will do). if you have any suggestions, you could leave a comment or you could email me at

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Gina said...

We visited Hemingway's house Finca La Vigia which was fascinating and you must eat at Bodeguita del Medio. Havana is a wonderful city and we would love to go back.