Tuesday, October 7, 2008

yarn painting

i've been a knitter since i was 6 years old. as an adult i realized that my attraction to knitting is not only the act, but also strongly tied up with the yarn itself . the colour, texture, smell. so these past 4 months (since i got my spinning wheel) i have been in yarn heaven.
my background is in painting. when i prepare to make a new yarn, i approach it as i would a painting. i lay down the main colour of (usually) merino. the blank canvas. then i lay on top other yarns (bamboo, silk...) other colours, mohair fibre locks for texture. then i cut up snippets of commercial novelty yarns. the last thing is a light sprinkling of angelna glitter (a metallic like fibre that is soft and shiny and comes in many colours). now it's ready to be put through the carder and then spun. hmmm... perfection!