Sunday, October 12, 2008

a good day

last night my sleep was tortured. i'm fighting a cold. i partially live off of investment savings so am very nervous about what the future holds and how i'll manage. i'm devoting all my time to production of expensive scarves and art yarn and don't know if there will be a market. so last night - all night - my thoughts were not just troubling and crazy - but fragmented like sharp shards of glass or ice crystals in a puddle.
i got up this morning to discover that i'd sold 5 of my 6 skeins of yarn i've placed on etsy this week. the sun is shining. the light is glorious.


TamboinMO said...

Your yarns and scarves and shawls are glorious! Hopefully the people who bought your yarns will tell their friends and you will sell more and MORE!

Beth at WhorlingTides said...

Shawn, congrats on the sales. All it takes is for the people to find you - then your sales will bloom. Your yarns are fantastic (I looked at them yesterday on Etsy.) Have faith...the finances will be okay. We can't let the policies of George Bush take down an entire world!!!