Monday, October 20, 2008


during the summer, on a visit from st. john's my 3 year old grand daughter lucy helped me make yarn. she chose colours and arranged them for me to card. she sat on my lap as i spun. we drove out to felix cove to see the alpacas at newfoundland alpacas and bought roving. i knit her an "icecream" hat from pluckyfluff's "intertwined" out of sparkly pink and purple yarn we made. now she wants mittens and a scarf to match. so this weekend i took some time to make her some "princess" yarn with soft white alpaca and sprinkled with all her favourite colours and some angelina glitter. i spent all saturday evening figuring out how to make tiny tiny mittens with chunky yarn. i love the result. she'll feel she has cupcakes on her hands.

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