Saturday, October 25, 2008

new life

i love being able to "repurpose" - to give new life to objects rather than throwing them away. my children's line of clothing is made from recycled fabric (some vintage, but others from clothing i find at 2nd hand stores that has wonderful patterns and colours) and old chenille bedspreads. even if it's too worn to patch and use on the bed, i can always find good strong parts of it that are large enough to cut out for my children's clothes. this past week i finished off an order of jumpers and overalls that will be in the craft council shop booth at their fine craft and design show in st. john's a couple of weeks (the shop' booth always has a theme and this year it is children). this photo is of my favourite pair of overalls. the floral fabric is from a family heirloom bedspread that robyn sent me from her new york home last year.

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Robyn said...

oh! it brings tear to my eyes to think of the new life that piece of cloth will have, in every sense of the word. thank you.