Friday, October 10, 2008

yarn for sale...

i'm feeling comfortable about getting enough scarves, scarflettes and shawls made for the toronto show, so this week i've devoted some time to spinning up yarn for sale on my etsy shop (i'll also be taking some skeins to toronto). each of these skeins are enough to knit up one of my 60" or 80" scarves.

yesterday was gorgeous. here's a photo of abigail just getting back from our walk around tipples pond. you'd swear i painted my house to match the autumn colours!

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Shammickite said...

Love those colours! Couldn't be anywhere by Newfoundland!
Plus I like the shells in the window and the beach stone on the railing.
I have a big tub of smooth colourful NF beach stones in my back yard, one of them is wonderful to hold, I let it rest in the sun and get it warm, and it fits right in my hand perfectly, no stones are as big as yours, I'm sure they wouldn't let me on the plane with one....!