Tuesday, October 28, 2008

two swans

there have always been swans in corner brook. in the early 1920's bowaters pulp and paper from england built the mill. they built the glynmill inn hotel for management to stay in. in front they built the pond and they brought over 2 swans. in the early days of the mill and the town there were company picnics and baseball games. and labour day parades. there's none of that now. but there are still swans. last year for some reason they were down to one. swans mate for life so this guy was pretty lonely. the city arranged for a mate to come from bowering park in st. john's and luckily it was a good match.

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doyoubaloo said...

I love it when I catch a phalanx of swans migrating overhead. They usually pass so low that the sound of their wings draws my attention.

It's nice to know where some of them wind up.