Saturday, January 5, 2008

the tree comes down

in newfoundland the christmas tree comes down january 6th - old christmas day (they really do celebrate the 12 days of christmas!).

my little tree came down yesterday because it was major cleaning day. i've always loved taking down the tree. putting it up is usually chaotic - so much happening around the occasion. when i take the tree down i'm alone. i can look at each ornament and reminisce . although the tree was so small this year, the livingroom still looks vacant without it.


skiingweaver said...

Sweet sleeping angel... Hubby is from Puerto Rico, they celebrate Three Kings Day as well - he used to get his "best" present on Three Kings Day as a child, rather than on Christmas. Our tree comes down tonight!

artsyclay said...

I just took down our tree too. I was so sad putting all the ornaments away till next year. So many years of love and special memories. But gotta clean up sometime. :)