Tuesday, January 1, 2008

tabula rasa

it's been snowing for days. the plows weren't on last night so the streets aren't cleared. no-one has been out. so i've woken to the first day of the new year to a clean slate.


Robyn said...

It looks gorgeous! You are so lucky (even if you don't feel like it). Not a flake in sight here.

Happy New Year! I am so happy we finally connected in 2007 so we can continue this conversation is 2008.

AltheaP said...

I love the idea of a clean slate of snow. I'm from up north and always thought of snow and as cleansing. In North Carolina, the bugs never die off!
Thank you for sharing.
I'm a new Etsyfast member, AltheaP.

honeybunch said...

A beautiful post title. I've never complimented anyone on that before. Feels a bit silly, but still. Happy new year Shawn. Glad you're able to enjoy the snow. It looks gorgeous.