Thursday, January 31, 2008

the chaos that surrounds me

i live in material chaos. because i make a variety of products - hooked rugs, sewn and knitted goods, painted wooden objects - i have alot of materials around me. i live in a small house. people give me alot of old clothing - some of which i can use, the rest i send off to the salvation army. yesterday morning i discovered that probably around christmas unintentionally i sent off all my own stored summer clothes. i rushed over to the salvation army (i needed to get some more yellow tshirts to cut up for rug hooking anyway) but didn't find any of my clothes. they said that they don't put out summer clothes till may and besides, they share with other stores. so they're gone. much of my clothing comes from value village anyway - so although useful, it isn't valuable. but there were a couple of summer dresses that i could cry over - 1 that my daughter gave to me as a birthday present about 10 years ago (when she could hardly afford to give a gift) and the 1 that i wore to her wedding 5 years ago. i have to be ok about letting go. and i have to get some kind of organizational system going in this house...


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn,
Thanks for stopping in to visit Angus:)
I was reading this post and had to laugh (please forgive me). I thought that this was something that could only happen to someone like me! Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say glass half full - new summer clothes, Yay!
hmm, again I apologies, perhaps after a rather large glass of wine you will laugh?
Cheers, Heidi at London-Wul

Brenda Stratton said...

Oh Shawn, it's even sadder reading about it. I wish I could get those two dresses back for you. I could say many things to help you feel better about thinking that you need to get better at things but I think you are pretty perfect just the way you are! In fact I've often been very inspired because you are always so on top of things. Somewhere in Newfoundland there is going to be a woman who really needs a special dress.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn, me again, I apologize for my spelling as well:)