Saturday, January 19, 2008

inch by inch

i've always been a teacher. over the years, off and on, i've taught art to all ages from pre-school to university. but i've never been comfortable in the school/academic setting. i love getting students out of the classroom. that's why yesterday was so much fun. an afternoon of knitting. on comfortable chairs. the sun pouring in. green tea and home baked cookies. a very happy little dog. we started work on the knitted mile. inch by inch... i passed my knitting on to brenda thursday. she was on her way to st. john's for 3 days of craft council strategic planning meetings and needed something to work on while she was there. she'll get more knitting done this weekend than i would. this is definitely a collaborative project!

1 comment:

TamboinMO said...

looks like a great spot to learn!!!
However, the doggie looks a wee bit miffed...kind of like "hel-ooooo you guys are on my favorite couch!!"

Cracks me how you caught the snowy wonderland outside.