Wednesday, January 23, 2008

how's etsy workin' for ya?

i've had my etsy online shop going just over a month now. i've had 7 sales (which is just fine because that work would have just be sitting in my studio all winter). but i'm learning that the experience is about much more than just the sales. it's definitely a community. i've joined a couple of groups on etsy. one is a boomers group. most of the sellers on etsy are young women . it's also good to hear what women my age have to say. and i've also joined a group of fibre artists. yesterday there was a big discussion about pricing. again - living in such a small (but growing!) craft community here in corner brook, it's great to hear other perspectives. i was also involved in an online discussion yesterday about "what do you call yourself?" artist, craftsperson, knitter etc.

it's like being at a huge craft fair every day. it helps me figure out how my work stands up in the international craft world. this week my "wildfire scarflette" was chosen by peers to be part of a treasury (these treasuries get put on the front page and bring lots of viewers to your shop).

and i've also been approached by an online british magazine called mookychick to write a DIY article on either my scarflettes or on rug hooking.

it all takes work, but what shop wouldn't?

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skiingweaver said...

Congrats on the possible article! That's great! So glad you're a member of EtsyFAST... (I think quite a few of us FAST folks are a little bit older than the Etsy average, too. I'm not a boomer, but I turned 40 today. Ouch. LOL!)