Thursday, January 3, 2008

red lotus

now that the holidays are over, i'm needing to turn my attention to my spring exhibitions. the first is at the newfoundland and labrador craft council gallery in mid-march. it's called "the relationship of bees to flowers". i'm exhibiting with deb kuzyk and ray mackie. they are artists/ceramicists who live and work in nova scotia lucky rabbit pottery. we all became friends during their 20 years in newfoundland. because we are friends, because we draw from nature and colour for inspiration, because we share buddhist beliefs, we want to collaborate on a number of pieces - to show the interconnections. this first piece is based on a tile that deb sent me. i'm working with this motif to create a 30" square mat - 4 repeat flowers surrounded with a large curlicue border.


Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful artwork. Simply gorgeous! Art is so much fun when collaborating with good friends :)

TamboinMO said...

Your hooking with t-shirts is very inspring.....will have to give that a try this year. Are you just using recycled/thrift shirts or do you dye any of wide are your strips?
Totally curious about this!!!

island sweet said...

hi tammy. no i don't dye the t-shirts - no need - there's such a variety of colours and if the t-shirt has a pattern (stripes, flowers etc.) you get a wonderfle mottled appearance. i cut my strips thin - about 1/4".