Tuesday, January 22, 2008

bivvering cold

it's so cold. for the past 2 days we've been getting minus 20 degree temperatures not including the windchill. abigail crosses her legs not to have to go outside to pee and old crippled skipper makes it back to the house in record time when i have to put him out. keith works in the shipping department at the mill and complains that it's "bivvering" on the warf. i love that word. from the warmth of my livingroom i hear the cry of the blue jay as clear and piercing blue as it's feathers, as this cold day.


Joanna said...

*shiver* And I thought I had it bad here in 10 degree Indiana...

(Um, what the heck does 'bivvering' mean, anyway?)

High Desert Diva said...

I like that word

Its 5 below zero here today....this is the coldest temperature I've ever experienced. 20 below....shudder!