Wednesday, June 29, 2011

community garden

i don't have a community garden plot. there are plans to expand the number of plots they have and i've got my name on the list. but last evening marilee and i attended a compost bin workshop hosted by simon and katie of the western environment centre. in the beautiful evening sun, we learned how to put together an easy and efficient and inexpensive compost bin. the 3 that the group made are staying at the community garden for communal use. but we all left with a lot more knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Something I did with mine that has proven to be a grand idea was to create a gravel bed and lay old red bricks (the building kind, with holes, although any would be fine) down to make a big, flat pad on which the dirt and bin sits directly. The pad extends out past the mouth of the bin and makes scraping up the compost out the front very easy and it makes getting every bit of that black gold possible. Plus it doesn't rot, like wood did for me.

Shammickite said...

JULY 1: Happy CANADA Day, Shaun!