Sunday, July 3, 2011

blue moon

we just took a quick trip into st. john's and back to pick up lucy for a 2 week stay with us in corner brook. i also made a delivery of a couple of orders in st. john's - skeins and batts to a good yarn and knitting kits to blue moon pottery in the battery. isabella st. john (the owner operater of blue moon pottery) has been a dear friend for over 30 years. i have wonderful memories of bringing my young family and staying with her in the late '70's. the battery a ragtaggle collection of colourful little houses. before running water and sewers. like camping out. isabella's house (and now studio and shop) juts out into the narrows and my children used to thrill in watching the large ships make their way through the narrows into st. john's harbour right past isabella's living room windows. so early friday morning we walked from my daughter's house through the battery

to the shop. and had a wonderful cathching up visit.

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Anonymous said...

Your third photo, the quote about education.. was particularly struck by that one. My uncle, in his tribute at pop's funeral, mentioned that quote. I had never heard it before, but now, for some reason, I see it everywhere.

Strange, ha.