Thursday, June 16, 2011

all done. for now.

i'm working on my last kit/yarn order (for now) and am giving myself more time in the garden each day. yesterday i tackled the gardens in the front yard. we have massive trees (which i love), but because of this, very little grows well. nothing can compete with the roots and lack of sun. but hostas. so every year i pull out more of the straggly bushes i hoped to grow and plant hostas. they are thriving. and at the end of the day, all 6 garden beds are weed free. i don't mind weeding. on my knees. conversing with each plant in turn. an intimate act.


Lori White said...

Greens so beautiful. I can't look at a hosta without smiling. Must be our shared will to thrive with little sun. Kindred spirits.

Shammickite said...

I love hostas too, expecially the uge ones with the variegated leaves.