Friday, June 24, 2011

how to get through these cold days of june

newfoundland has been experiencing a miserable late spring/early summer. very cold (single digit temperatures many days) and wet. so to make the most of these conditions, i've done a few things to cheer myself up.
1. be sure to get out for a walk no matter how awful the weather is. i never regret that i did.
2 bring the garden in. i've continued to bring in cut flowers from the garden to enjoy since i'm not spending time with them outside.
3. i'm drying my fleece in front of the fire while i spin and watch netflix movies.
4. i'm wearing my summer clothes. my sundresses would just be hanging in the closet so i'm pulling them out and wearing them with layers of jeans and sweaters.
5. and although i've yet to wear sandles, i went ahead with my pre-scheduled annual pedicure last week even if i'm the only one who will see my toes.
6.keep faith that it will get better.


Anonymous said...

It must be cold - your toes are turning blue ;-)

Brenda Stratton said...

I love it! Summer dresses over jeans and blue toe nails. Think I'll give that a try. Miss you.