Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the same is different

every day i take the same walk. on three bear mountain off of old hospital hill. it's less than a 10 min. walk from my house and abigail can be off-leash if no-one else is there first (we are usually the only ones especially if the weather is bad). this is a trail that goes through woods and meadows and offers the most spectacular views out the bay and over corner brook. what i love about taking this same walk every day is that i get to notice the changes. winter receding (it's a walk i do on snow-shoes in the winter), spring coming on. new growth on the evergreens.little buds on the deciduous and bushes, in a matter of days, becoming full-grown leaves. trees (dogwood and chokecherry) bursting into blossom. and the wild flowers.tiny violets and buttercups and right now the lupines (like minarets) in all their glory.

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Brenda Stratton said...

that's a beautiful skien of yarn. :)