Monday, June 13, 2011

listen to your elders

for most of their long history, newfoundlanders have been self-sufficient. the food they ate came from the sea and from the land. what they planted - mostly root crops -had to feed their families for the year. so they knew what they were doing. and one rule was "don't plant until after the full moon in june". of course none of us listen to them anymore. but last night - with the north wind, the clear sky, and the almost full moon, we had a frost warning. and everything that could be moved was brought into the greenhouse or into the house. and everything i'd planted was covered. a lot of work. maybe next year i will listen.

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Anonymous said...

The full moon inn June addage applies to anything that's green when you put it out and potatoes, mainly. The other part of the "rule" that I was taught by my grandfather is "plant your seeds at the first new moon in June", so peas, beans, carrots, etc. Are put in a bit earlier than the more tender things like potatoes and tomatoes (which no one ever planted here hundreds of years ago anyway, but still....).

I've heard another variant recently that advises that you wait until there are buds and leaves on the lilacs before planting tender annuals outside. Which also amounts to mid-June, right?