Saturday, September 25, 2010

it's a wrap

keith has just finished working 12 days straight. since the "re-organization" at the mill, he's working some crazy shifts. so yesterday he was able to get out into the garden (i've been nursing a cold so only watched from the sidelines). he raked up the fallen branches from our little taste of hurricane igor. (the rest of the province is devasted and yesterday the prime minister announced that the military was on it's way to help piece newfoundland back together again). and then keith tackled the greenhouse. the growing season is over. he picked the last of the tomatoes - ripenening to put on the window sills and green, which i wrapped in newspaper in a box and stored in the cool back porch. and cut down the cucumber plants and today i'll pick and take down the pepper plants. this year i started all my vegetable plants from seed. so it's been 6 months and i've loved it all.

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