Sunday, September 26, 2010

getting it done.

i've had two more knit kit orders in the past 2 days so have been working flat out - one of them going into st. john's with me and the other up to woody point this morning with brenda. our craft collective is having their gathering up there this afternoon.i'm so far behind now in preparing for my trip to st. john's tomorrow that i can't take the time off to go.
yesterday i made 8 kits. spun the wool, soaked it, and then with the aid of 2 little heaters, was able to dry the skeins. painted the knitting needles to match. put the kits together and finished it all off around 11:30 last night.
so today is laundry, packing, figuring out what yarn to take with me so i have plenty to do while i'm in there. and it's a gorgeous sunny fall morning. ignoring the call of the woods, the garden, the cabin...

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Catherine said...

I hope you get lots accomplished! I'll be watching for your knitted products at One of a Kind. I'll be there again helping "Nun of a Kind", for the first 5 days.
Catherine in Sarnia, ON