Tuesday, September 14, 2010

beauty day

yesterday turned into a beauty day. we haven't had much sun lately and the temperatures have really been dropping. so with the glorious warm sunshine yesterday i broke from work early and in the late afternoon i started my fall clean-up in the garden. my reasoning was "i'm always going to be busy. why not get out into the garden on the nice days and do a bit at a time rather than waiting until late oct when the whole experience will be miserable." so my little raised veggie garden is cleaned out - the last of the beans and cucumbers and zucchinis. the compost added. the soil turned. feels good.

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knix said...

Well done Shawn...That still feels like a mammoth task ahead of me, I still have harvest to complete. I really hate to see all of that beautiful vegetation gone for another season ya know. Oh so goes the cycle.
And then off to the kitchen for winter preparation.
Hope you are having a grateful day.