Sunday, July 18, 2010

nyc day 4 and 5

there are a few "must sees" with every trip to nyc. one is the metropolitan museum. on this trip there was a "greek heroes" theme that kept emerging (eamon had just seen "percy jackson and the lightning thief") so it was wonderful to show him classical greek sculpture. and there was more attention paid to weaponry than i would have chosen if i'd been on my own! another is the pearl river chinese department store - a wonderful place for inexpensive and unusual gifts (i got keith a little buddha bobble-head for the jeep to remind him to stay calm while he's driving!).
on our last morning robyn took us to the queens zoo. it's smaller than the bronx zoo and has only animals from the americas. but it was a perfect size to wander around in for a couple of hours. after a ride on an exquisite old carousel and a quick slice of italian new york pizza and one more italian ice and robyn delivered us to the airport.
much of the trip was a blur -seen through the heat, the rain, the eyes of a very excited 10 year old boy. over 200 photos will remind us of what we did, what we saw. and it will be part of our shared story.

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Urve Manuel said...

Imagine what sort of things even this small part of your shared story will produce down the road!