Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a cold rainy day with a 5 year old

yesterday was cold and rainy. my house isn't set up for children (not many toys) but we managed to pass the day with lots of activity and fun. we cleared out the linen closet above the basement stairs to get at my daughter's old dolls and doll clothes. lucy invited maida (marilee's grand daughter) over for a tea party (star-shaped sandwiches and cupcakes and mint tea) and they dressed the dolls and stuffed animals to join in and after watched "lady and the tramp". in the late afternoon while my son was reading to lucy i snuck off for a nap (over 4 weeks with little children is beginning to tire me out...) and slept deeply for 1 1/2 hrs! lucy discovered the crawl-space linen cupboard and made a nest in it where she insisted on having her dinner (we all wished we could join her up there). and i finished her hat.

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bluebird of paradise said...

oooh I wish I were there!