Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fun with lucy

this is lucy's first time alone with us in corner brook. eamon began his summertime visits with us at the age of 4 but last year lucy said she wasn't ready. this year she was. lucy has always known what she wants. she's very sensible, so when she says no, it's important to listen to her. we're having alot of fun. yesterday morning she helped me with the carding and spinning (i have a big craft council order i'd like to deliver when we go into st. john's this weekend, so i'm trying to get on with that). she also chose colours for the hat i'm knitting for her and helped me card and spin it (she sits on my knees and holds my hands). in the afternoon keith took her to the park and to the caves and then bike riding (we picked up a 2 wheeler with training wheels for $5.00 at the sally anne). and in the evening we went to jungle jim`s with keith`s parents and my son for a surprisingly good meal. this is a short visit for lucy of only a week so we`re trying to fit as much into it as we can.

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Shammickite said...

Have a great time, Lucy! And wear the hat with pride!!