Saturday, November 29, 2008

sitting and waiting

i leave for toronto tomorrow morning for the one of a kind show. everything is done. i feel like a young 19th century girl sitting at a railway station. my suitcase by my feet. ankles crossed. gloved hands folded in my lap. waiting for the sound of the train whistle. i'll be back dec. 9th. i'll miss you all.


Robyn said...

we will miss you too!

steeltowndubber said...

Hi there,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto on Saturday Dec 6th. We bought a hat for our baby Aubrey, not sure if you'll remember us as you were pretty busy when we were there.

The hat looks wonderful, we tried it on as soon as we got home. She looks great in it.

Rich and Sarah,
Hamilton, Ont