Wednesday, November 26, 2008


4 more days until i leave for toronto. i have lists everywhere. lists of things to do before i go (yesterday i finished my last mailbox commission to be delivered today, received more hang tags so was able to tag my samples for phatfiber and they'll get mailed off today, finished the rope ladders for booth display) i have a list of things to take for my booth and to run the booth once the show opens (receipt books, extension cords, safety pins to attach my curtains to the backkdrop etc.etc.) list of clothes to take (i'm selling fashion accessories this time so i have to look good!) lists of contact numbers once i'm in toronto. but now there are more checks than not on the lists. and things are getting finished and packed. and abigail got out for a good walk yesterday and marilee has offered to take her for walks while i'm gone. so it's all falling into place.

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TamboinMO said...

Your pictures are peaceful.
HOpe all goes well for you!