Wednesday, November 12, 2008

fra angelico

as a young art student in the early 70's, and then again in the 90's, i took as many art history courses as i could. i have always found inspiration and understanding looking at other people's art. i knew early on that i was most attracted to "simple"-either pre-historic or so called "priitive' art, or to the early stages of a movement - where often the essence or spirit of the art was more evident - before it was embellished or complicated. i definitely preferred early renaissance painting (giotto, fra angelico) to later renaissance (leonardo, botticelli) or baroque (titian). this skein of yarn is influenced by the light, by the soft colours of a fra angelico fresco.

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bennie said...

I love the colours in the yarn! They are some of my favorites. I like to read artist biographies so I understand their art more and where their head was when they created it.