Saturday, July 30, 2011


although i have 2 gardens - my backyard garden and my plot at the community garden - they are both small - and i'm continuously looking for suppliers of local organic produce. since june a group of us have been buying all we can from kim at the greenhouse in little rapids. last week she started offering a $20.00/week food basket - anything that was ready to be harvested . and i can pick it up each week at the farmer's market. this week i got beautiful beans in every colour (my beans in the garden are still just flowering) the first cucumber of the season, garlic scapes, lettuce and some herbs - chocolate mint and lemon balm - that i've hung to dry for tea. i love the surprise each week - never knowing what i'll be getting. the baskets will continue till the end of october and start up again in june - so get your name in on the list now...

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