Monday, July 4, 2011

there and back

many times each year we drive across the island and back. an 8 to 10 hour trip depending on the weather. to make the trip more exciting i try to find different places to stop. to eat or just to sightsee.
on this latest trip, on the way back from st. john's to corner brook, we stopped in gambo( just before gander and a couple of minutes off the trans canada). gambo is famous as the birthplace of joey smallwood (newfoundland's premier who carried us kicking and screaming into confederation with canada in 1949). but we stopped, on the recommendation of brenda stratton, because of "cashin's chestnut tree cafe" where we sat out on the deck and had wonderful soup and sandwiches (that came with a side order of yoghurt and fresh fruit and the most deliscious bread pudding). and lucy played in the nearby playground while we took in the beauty of the place. a mini holiday within a holiday.

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