Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fruit loops

this is a tradition. each summer my children (who had porridge in winter and homemade granola the rest of the year), got to have these little boxes of cereal. once. (usually when there father was away). it became part of what we do in the summer. a little more light hearted. a little more fun. we've carried on the tradition with the grandchildren. this is the first time lucy has had it all to herself. the first morning it was corn pops. yesterday fruit loops
and this morning a mushroom and cheese omelette.
i'll be putting my "fruit loops" skein up on my etsy shop later today.

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bluebird of paradise said...

Maida and Remy spent the weekend at Cape Ray, the highlight of the weekend was the little boxes of " pick your favourite " cereal. Our kids always too them camping. That was the only time they were allowed sweet cereal.....