Monday, April 25, 2011

tall trees . day 4

day 4 in san fransisco we
1. up early and headed down to the ferry building to catch the farmer's market and the craft market. the craft market has been going strong for over 40 years. the work is juried and must be hand made. we had a great chat with mara who has been participating in the market since the early days. and i bought one of her groovy little creatures for finn.
2. the farmer's market was amazing. all the produce organic and grown locally.
3. the ferry building itself was full of wonderful little specialty shops and a great bookstore. we put together a picnic lunch to take on our outing to marin county.
4. caught the 11:00 ferry and floated through sunlight and fog to sausalito. because we daudled (eating luunch and looking around) the buses were full so ended up splurging and taking a taxi to muir woods to see the giant redwood forest.
5. what can i say!
6. on the way back to sausalito, our taxi driver (who took the afternoon off and waited for us in the woods) took us on a side trip to see the houseboat settlement. it had the higgelty-pigglety appearance of the battery. these houseboats were built in the 60's and 70's by craftspeople so they knew how to build and they withstood the 1989 earthquake. such a community!
7. the ferry ride home took us close to alcatraz. no prisoners now - only tour boats. but still a somber feeling to it.

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