Friday, April 22, 2011

paper. blossoms. nostalgia. day 2

day 2 in san fransisco:
1. taxi cab to the golden gate park where we saw the paper dresses of isabelle de borchgrave. powerfully inspiring.
2. then to the deyoung museum for more dresses! balenciaga's 1950's spanish influenced couture
3. lunch at the japanese tea gardens
4. an afternoon in the victorian flower conservatory (a head explosion of colour)(that's our guide bonnie showing off her tatoos).
5. which made us high enough to wander around haight ashbury. that's zahra juggling in her sockshop where i bought keith and i matching psychadelic tie-dyed socks.
6. and ended up the day with a pilgrimage to janice joplin's home in the haight to leave a flower for niki.

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knix said... wonderful is that! Thanks Shawn. I'm really enjoying your tour of San Francisco. Hope to see you soon.