Thursday, April 21, 2011

san francisco. my new favourite place in the whole world day 1

we returned home last night around 4:30 am. to snow falling. barb had sandals on.
san francisco is now my favourite place in the whole world. and this was my best trip ever. i just downloaded 895 photos. so for the next few days i'll just be showing photos. with a little commentary.
barb presented me with an array of flower clips in the calgary airport - just as we were boarding our flight to san francisco. every day we wore one.
after travelling all day, we arrived in san francsisco aroung 5:30 pm (around 11:00 pm our time). checked in and immediately went looking for food (food played a big part of our trip...) we'd researched before leaving and had settled on the loving hut for our first meal - an asian vegan chain that i just discovered is also in toronto! then walked home through chinatown, marvelled at the steep hills and cable cars just outside our hotel. and fell into bed and a deep sleep.

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Robyn said...

Hooray! Welcome home! I missed you!