Monday, March 31, 2008

tippings pond

when i let flora the cat out early yesterday morning i heard a summer bird call (2 long notes- so familiar but don't know what it is). there had also been a fresh snowfall so it wasn't looking like spring. in the afternoon brenda and i took the dogs for a walk around tippings pond. it's about an hour's walk and beautiful in all weather, all seasons. there was a family ice fishing on the pond and they'd built up a fire on the edge of the pond for a"boil up". i spent the rest of the day hooking and knitting.

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XUE said...

hi shawn, this is such a beautiful pix! That is you, right? It's always so nice to put face to names! We were at Mt Fuji over the weekend & there is still snow on the peak, but no more snow where we live. I love snow so I love this pix.