Sunday, March 16, 2008


i've managed to stay healthy all fall and winter but have finally been overcome with "the flu". (before i moved to newfoundland in 1975, i knew the difference between a cold and the flu. here everything is referred to as the flu. and the symptoms are often mixed up - fever, sweats, chills, coughing, runny nose...) i've just got a cough and a really heavy pressure on my chest. no energy to work (my body held up until i could take a rest!). especially at night. as soon as i lie down the coughing starts. the weight on my chest. long nights in the spare room. doling out advil and cough syrup and cold molasses. reading at 3:00 in the morning - trying to make myself tired enough to try sleep again.


Robyn said...

Oh no! Hope your chest clears soon and you can be up and about...

Drink lots of fluids!

XOX, Robyn

Heidi, at London-Wul said...

you should have known better than to take a break:)
...kidding but isn't that always when it hits you?
...get well soon and remember to be good to yourself,