Wednesday, March 12, 2008

after the show

yesterday was definitely a day for recovery. it's been a tough couple of weeks. skipper's last days. furnace problems. travel and the show. while in st. john's i discovered that a good friend of mine has had breast cancer and will now be undergoing radiation.
keith had a tooth pulled yesterday and i had a computer virus scare (luckily my antivirus protection worked) and ivan (my computer guru) came over to make sure i was "clean". a newspaper interview about the show. we know how to care for ourselves though. in the evening a pot of good homemade soup, fresh baked bread. propane stove in front of the tv. american idol. knitting.

the photo above shows my tulip mat and some paisely bowls - just how i pictured them in the show. and below is a joint display of deb and ray's and my work in the craft council shop.

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Robyn said...

welcome home! I hope you will get a moment or two to catch your breath before the next show. Soup, homemade bread, mindless tv and knitting is good medicine!